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An Exclusive Event Presented by Basotho Medical Herbs

Aim and Mission

To bring together industry professionals to gain information on the profitable and expanding cannabis market. It will allow attendees to access the latest cultivating and processing

About the Event

Set against the stunning backdrop of Lesotho's natural beauty, our event is more than a conference - it's a convergence of visionaries, experts, and entrepreneurs. Each segment of the expo, summit, and conference is designed to spark inspiration, foster collaborations, and unveil the vast possibilities within the cannabis sector. From niche trends to global market dynamics, this event is your gateway to becoming a part of the cannabis industry's future.

Lesotho 420 Cannabis Expo & Festival.

Who must join?

Join like-minded industry professionals working in all aspects of the Cannabis Industry, including entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, farmers, lawyers, marketers, licensed producers, growers, inves- tors, marketers, suppliers, healthcare providers, job-seekers and media at this premier event showcasing the best products, services and world-class speakers the industry has to offer. This is the place to learn and share everything there is to know about the cannabis industry. Connect with other participants to create op- portunities in various industries such as recre- ational cannabis, medical cannabis, and much more.

Discover 420 Cannabis Expo - Lesotho!

About us

At Basotho Medical Herbs Pty Ltd, we recognize the transformative power of cannabis and its potential to revolutionize industries, medicine, and economies worldwide. Our event serves as a beacon for the latest in cannabis research, technological advancements, and market trends. By attending, you join an exclusive circle committed to the highest standards of confidentiality, ensuring that every insight, from groundbreaking research to innovative business models, remains within a trusted community. This is where the future of cannabis begins - with shared knowledge and a commitment to progress, all under the assurance of complete discretion.

Embrace the Potential. Why Attend?

- Cannabiz Expo: Beyond a marketplace, the Cannabiz Expo is an innovation hub. Here, startups rub shoulders with industry giants, unveiling the future of cannabis technology, wellness, and culture. Immerse yourself in interactive displays, hands-on workshops, and live demonstrations that reveal the magic behind the products and services shaping the cannabis world.

- Cannabis Convention: This is where thought leaders converge to debate, discuss, and shape the future of cannabis. Participate in panels and keynotes covering everything from regulatory landscapes to breakthrough scientific research. Each session is a chance to gain insights, ask questions, and contribute to the global dialogue on cannabis.

- Cannabis Awards: A celebration of achievement and innovation, the Cannabis Awards spotlight the individuals and companies driving the industry forward. From cultivation excellence to retail innovation, each category reflects the diverse talents contributing to cannabis' global ascent.

- Eco-Tourism & Experiences: Discover Lesotho's unique approach to integrating cannabis with eco-tourism. Explore sustainable farms, partake in wellness retreats featuring cannabis-infused treatments, and join cultural tours that offer a deeper understanding of cannabis' role in local traditions and conservation efforts.

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Unlocking Opportunities

As the world embraces cannabis, opportunities abound for those ready to lead. This event is not just about observing the future; it's about creating it. Whether you're a seasoned investor, a medical professional seeking new treatments, or an entrepreneur with a vision, you'll find the knowledge, networks, and inspiration to turn potential into action.

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Get A Stand

Get A Stand

Featuring over 20 vendors, celebrity appearances, live music and stage acts, educational seminars and panels, a full VIP program and nightly VIP after parties, the 420 Expo is open to the public of the event.

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Product Launch

If you are new to the Game and want to showcase your new range of products then the Expo will be just the place to showcase your goods  and get traction get  your stand now!

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Service Awareness

Service Awareness

Informative sessions to educate patients about the benefits and safe usage of medical cannabis, Auxillary cannabis services like cultivation, Processing or any other related services.

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420 Festival And Cannabis Cup Clash

Experience the future of medical cannabis with exclusive access to industry-leading suppliers and information.

Dont Miss Out!

Featuring over 20 vendors, celebrity appearances, live music and stage acts, educational seminars and panels, a full VIP program and nightly VIP after parties, the 420 Expo is open to the public of the event.

Lesotho Cannabis Cup - cannabis competition, festival and trade show, celebrating the Lesotho medical cannabis industry through competi- tions, Hosted in Lesotho due to having legalized medi- cal cannabis in the mountain Kingdom.

The Cannabis Cup competitions identify and award the best brands and products im the mountain kingdom. Helping to shine a light on the people who have put their hearts and souls into their craft.

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